To increase communication across regions and develop new informational/educational resources (web) – designed by young people for young people – on EuroMediterrenean
The web-resource development will be lead by the Estonian lead partner but the development is planned to be handled with full participation of all partners. Web-resource will contain tree official languages: English, French and Arabic.
Each partner will assign one person from their side (with design and/or IT experience) to work only on the web-resource and coordinate with similar professionals from other partner countries.


Official adress of web-resoure is www.euromeduc.com 

The EUROMEDUC –  is a network of different organizations from the Euro-Mediterranean region, that works to promote intercultural education, formal and non formal, and the dialogue, as tools to fight against stereotypes, prejudices and imaginary borders.
All the partners are active in the civil society with different roles. For this reason we joined together the project, because we share the same idea and we acknowledge the value of education as an inter-cultural tool to overcome

Vision of our network: Create an environments in which the differences are not an obstacle but a resources. 

Mission of our network: To  provide a common ground for organisation and youth in the Euro-Med region for communication and cooperation.

Web-resource development will be managed and coordinated by Estonian lead partner representative Mrs. Irina Golikova euromed@sscw.ee