“Euro-Med: Education without Borders” has been launched on the 23rd Sep. 2016 in Riga, Latvia.

Sillamäe Society for Child Welfare (Estonia) and other 9 partners from Latvia, Sweden, United Kingdom, Italy, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan has lunched Euro-Mediterranean annual project “Euro-Med: Education without Borders”in Riga, Latvia on the 23rd September 2016. The project is co-funded by Anna Lindh Foundation and supported by Tallink Group and others supporters.

The awareness that from the encounter with the “others” emerges an exchange that enriches both sides has been the base of the first meeting of the EUROMED project: education without borders. Partners came together for the first time in Riga from 23rd – 26th  September 2016. After an interesting visit at the Latvian Parliament the delegation moved to the Riga City Council for the project presentation and discussion with local politicians, local NGOs and interested bodies.  It was also the occasion for all the partners to knowing each other and to share common ideas on the intercultural education, common challenges and targeting for join solutions.

On the following two days were the occasion for a deep exchange of views on intercultural issues and also about everyone’s expectation on the outcomes of the project and preparation following events (creative meetings in Sweden, Morocco and Jordan) and development of Euro-Mediterranean web-resource on English, French and Arabic languages.

The success of the meeting was also favored by the magnificent setting of the city of Riga, Latvia and the hospitality of the local organiser (RIC).

EUROMED: Education without borders

The project aims to encourage creative solutions and advance intercultural education among young people of the Euro-Mediterranean region to increase communication and build trust to motivate young people cross borders to take charge of the development of the Euro-Mediterranean region and recognize the benefits of working together across cultural boundaries as we share common goals and a common future.

The project’s target group is young people from partner countries who are active and interested in the Euro-Mediterranean issues and have experience in education, youth work and creativity.

The project will take place from 1st of September 2016 to 31st of August 2017 in Estonia and Latvia (September 2016), Sweden (December 2016), Morocco (February 2017), Jordan (March 2017) and Egypt (April 2017).Estonian partner has taken on a leadership role, but the project is conceived as a full partnership between the ten countries.

The project includes a prep-meeting, three creative workshops, editorial meetings and other activities with the ultimate goal of developing EUROMED Education Without Borders toolkit and web resource. The project will end with an international conference in June, Tallinn, Estonia 2017 involving ALF management, Experts, representatives from European Commission, Union for the Mediterranean, Governments and Embassy representatives will participate in the conference.

For more information about project, please contact Mr. Vassili Golikov, project manager (Sillamäe Society for Child Welfare) by email: vassili@sscw.ee.