This week EUROMED Education without borders in Morocco

Project partners, young participants, expert and invited guest and speakers met together on the 9-12 February 2017 in the beautiful Moroccan city Assilah,  to discuss what had recently been done (during the I creative meeting and at home) for toolkit and web-resource and discuss our message to the Euro-Med governments what we want to address on the International Conference in Tallinn, Estonia 9th of June.

On the II creative meeting we learned about non-formal education in Morocco and Arab Countries “Creative experiences”, Egyptian partners (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) presented their efforts in the field of non-formal education. All partners have shared their best practices and give they feed back about what kind of educational games, activities mostly fit in their practical actions. Participants were divided into 5 working groups with main task to edit the toolkit parts and web-resource correction (translation, texts etc). On the second working day we continued our creative discussions, and this time theme was ”Education without borders to face extremism and hate speech”. Moroccan National committee presented their campaign “No Hate Speech Movement” and ” The Confrontation of Terrorism and Extremism”. Egyptian partner Bibliotheca Alexandrina presented their International program and officially signed  contract with Moroccan partner. In Estonia the rest of partners will sign the cooperation agreement with  Bibliotheca Alexandrina to join their initiative “The Confrontation of Terrorism and Extremism”.
Each partner is now gathering materials for web-resource (by adding main information about their education, culture and youth policies, interesting educational materials/games in formal and non-formal learning.
Of course most important is that participants from European and Arab countries including Moroccan youth (from Morocco different places Casablanca, Fez, Tangier, Rabat and Assilah) have had an opportunity to build trust, communication channels for future cooperation initiatives, and it’s very nice to know that after Morocco meeting, great initiative ( by Moroccan teacher, has gotten support from UK, Estonia and other partners. The good result of II creative meeting was also that we got good feedback on practical creative ideas that were discussed in Sweden in order to advance intercultural education. Partners have  shared all their success stories.  The results of II creative meeting were also content input in preparation of the handbook and  continuing developing the content of toolkit and web-resource.

Thank you Assilah, Morocco see you on the III creative meeting in April 2017