Euromed: Education without borders is on the way to the III creative meeting in April 2017

The main goal of  the III creative meeting (in Sousse, Tunisia April 7th – 10th) is to the discuss intercultural citizenship education (formal and non formal) and facilitate group activities that are dedicated to developing best practices, examples, tasks and guidelines, which are to be included in the EUROMED Education Without Borders toolkit and web resource. Local participants from ALF Tunisian network will also take part in the meeting.

Through the three creative meetings the participants have received new ideas and tools on how to use creativity in addressing societal issues and have participated in developing them further. The methodology has been comprised together into a concrete form as a toolkit and also uploaded o the electronic web-resource that can be used as an education tool by participant organisations, but also schools, youth centers etc.

III Creative meeting is Co-organised in cooperation with Toile Tunisienne Active de la Citoyenneté Durable,  Les Scouts Tunisiens and  Anna Lind Foundation Tunisia network (We Love Sousse).

Euromed: Education without borders its an great opportunity for European and Arab countries to build a bridges of cooperation, bridge of trust and communication on important topic like Education, Youth, Intercultural Dialogue and Cooperation.
Project has 3 main actions fields: Creative Meetings, Editorial meeting and International Grand Conference.

Three Creative Meetings (in Sweden, Morocco and Tunisia),
I and II Creative meetings has been run in Sweden and Morocco. Our creativity and toolkit and web-resources development process is on the finishing line.