Euromed: Education withouth borders in Alexandria, Egypt on its pre-final steps

The editorial meeting of the ‘Euromed: Education without Borders’ project was held in Alexandria, Egypt on 28th of April – 1st of May 2017.

The main focus of this editorial meeting was to finalize the web resource and complete the contents for the ‘educational toolkit’ with policies and best practices in English, Arabic and French.
Meetings took place in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Library of Alexandria), a major library and cultural center. Members were given a guided tour around the vast expanse of the library, including the art exhibitions and a screening on ‘Culturama’. We listened to presentations from the Head of Networks and Outreach, and discussed potential future partnership opportunities and Egypt education, culture, youth and civil society policies and best practices.
The more social aspects of the visit included visiting places of significance in the city of Alexandria, as well as a visit to Cairo, and one of the wonders of the world, ‘The Great Pyramids of Giza’. We managed also to meet with Anna Lindh Foundation staff to discuss future cooperation opportunities and project on going success.
It was a positive and productive meeting, and we now look forward to the conference in Tallinn from 8-11th of June. Registration is already open!